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Final Exam



Please DO NOT write on = this test!


Look at the following w= ords and decide which decade they belong to. Mark your scan= tron accordingly.


A =3D Roaring Twenties (20ís)


B =3D Nifty Fifties (50ís)


C =3D Groovy Seventies (70ís


  1. sockhop

   6. Elvis=

  2. pet rock


  3. John Travolta

   8. white cow

  4. hula hoop        = ; 

   9. Speakeasy

  5. flapper

   10. I Love Lucy=


Choose the answer that = best fits the question and mark it on your scantron.=


11. Reconstruction refe= rs to the era of ___.

 = col= onization by the Pilgrims in New England &n= bsp;        
 violence between the North and South before the Civil War
 rebuilding and change in the South after the Civil War<= br>  western settlers building log cabins

12.  What is an immigrant?<= /o:p>

A. B. a holiday celebration
C.  taking a job in a foreign land
D.  someone who enters a country to settle there


13.  Baseball was popular due to

 = A.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>  reformers belief in the importan= ce of fresh air
 B.  the growth of ethnic neighborhoods
 C.  newspapers attempts to appeal to women
 D.  the demand for new leisure activities

14.  The Nineteenth Amendment

 = A.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>  allowed women to become doctor= s
 B.  allowed women to go to college
 C.  forbade suffragists to protest
 D.  gave women the right to vote



15.  The place where 90% of immigrants = landed in America was

 = A.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>  Angel Island
 B.  Gilliganís Island
  New York
  Ellis Islan= d



17. What does it mean to assimilate?

 A. to keep customs you were born with

 C.  to become part of a new culture

 B. to celebrate special holidays     

 D.  to get a new job


18.  What date did Nevada become a state?

 A.=   October 31, 1978
 B.  October 31, 1= 892
 C.  October 31, 1= 864
 D.  October 31, 1836 

19.  ìThe Biggest Little City in the Worldî is a ni= ckname for what Nevada city?

 A.  Reno

C.  Beatty

B.   Ely     

D.  Winnemuca


20.  The official state colors of Nevada are...

 A.  red, white, and blue  &n= bsp; 

C. silver and blue

B.   red and silver 

 D.  red and blue


21.  Nevadaís State Song is titled...=

 A.  Home on the Rangeî

 C.  Home Sweet Homeî

 B.  Home Means Nevadaî

 D.  Nevada is My Homeî


22.  What is the name of the man-made l= ake created by Hoover Dam?

 A.  Lake Tahoe

 C.  Pyramid Lake

 B.  Lake Mead    

 D.  Lake Lahontan


23.  The Hoover Dam was built in what canyon?

 A.  Black Canyon

C.  Grand Can= yon

 B.  Boulder Canyon

D.  Red Rock Canyon


24.  __________ is the capital of Nevada.

 A.  Reno
 B.  Las Vegas C.  Tonopah
  Carson City

25.  Nevadaí= ;s state animal is the ____________.

 A.  Mountain Bluebird
 B.  Bighorn Sheep C.  Desert Tortois= e
  Mountain Monkey
<= /p>

26. What three events cause= d America to join World War I?

 A. Sinking of the Lus= itania, Zimmerman Telegram, German threat to neutral nations
 B. Invasion of Poland, Att= ack on Pearl Harbor, Battle of Midway
 C. Communists attack South Korea, Inchon, Chi= nese troops cross Yalu River
 D. Gulf of Tonkin attack, Tet Offensive, Bombing of Cambodia


Match the description on the left with the term on the right.

  46.  Ellis Isl= and

 A.  Not taking = sides in a war

  47.  Muckraker

 B.  Ban on sale= or use of alcohol

 48.  Prohibition      

 C.  Having litt= le to do with other nations

  49.  Neutral          

 D.  Place where immigrants entered the U.S

  50.  Isolationism

 E.  Journalist = who exposed corruption


  51.  Yellow journalism      

A.  exaggerated style of writing

  52.  Vaudeville     

 B.  a type of m= usic from the 1900ís

 53.  Ragtime           &nbs= p;          

C.  variety show

 54.  Scott Joplin    

D.  an African American ragtime

 55.  The Jazz Singer

 E.  first movie= with sound


True or False


85.  Everyone that was part of the Holo= caust died.



86.  Hitler committed suicide after the= end of WWII.


87. There are many similarities between Lincoln&iac= ute;s and Kennedyís assas= sinationsTop of Form



88.  Henry Ford invented the automobile.



89.  During processing at Ellis Island, immigrants received a chalk mark to indicate their health.



90.  Ragtime often used animals such as elephants as part of the performa= nce



Finally...you are done!  I hope you have wonderful summer a= nd donít forget to visit me next year.  Also, when you become rich and fam= ous, remember me, your favorite 7th grade History teacher.  It’s been a fun year!  Thanks!

Now...some lighthearted jokes to make you smile....


Mom:  Why does your History exam have bi= g zero over it?

Child:  It’s not a zero; the teacher= ran out of stars, so she gave me a moon instead!


Teacher:  Where is your homework?=

Student:  I lost it fighting this kid who sa= id you werenít the best teacher in the school.<= o:p>

Have a fun and safe summer!