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MP+ Word Processor is a powerful witing tool that students can access from anywhere on any device 
including Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets. Students can use MP+ Word Processor to write and organize documents easily and efficiently.

MP+ Word ProcessorMP+ Word Processor includes key features:

 Word Prediction

 Read text aloud

 English Dictionary

☑ Summary

AND much more.

Students can use MP+ Word to access their files from their local drive and Cloud-based storage services 
such as Google Drive™, One Drive™ and Dropbox™.
MP+ Word is a Premier Anywhere Solution.

Word Prediction  

You select the right word every time

 Simple to use, just click on Word Prediction and start typing.

  Floating word list window automatically updates to commonly-used words as you type.

  Word prediction detects common misspellings and provides the correct word.