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PDF Equalizer makes PDF files more accessible, more usable, and more intuitive.  It is a tremendous reading tool; a powerful study tool; and, a practical writing tool.  PDF Equalizer conquers PDF limitations by giving users the ability to hear PDF files read aloud; by giving users control over how they are read; and, by giving to users to navigate complex charts and diagrams. 

PDF EqualizerPDF Equalizer includes key features:

 Compatible with ALL versions of
      PDF files

 Built-in Note-taking and
      notes finder feature

 Integrated, built-in Dictionary

☑ Summarize the content of a PDF file
      with integrated language-model

      ...AND much more.

With PDF Equalizer, you can also access files from your local drive and Cloud-based storage services such as Google Drive™ and Dropbox™.

PDF Equalizer

Multiple Reading Methods

☑ Users control what is read, when it is read and how it is read

  Read continuously

  Read page by page

  User control of starting anywhere on the page and reading only
      selected portions of the page

PDF Equalizer Notes

Customized Note-taking Capability

☑ Create personalized notes that are displayed with the corresponding
      page of a PDF document

☑ The NOTES feature can also be used to copy diagrams, text, charts or
      other images, or directly type in your own notes

  NOTES feature “synchronizes” the notes with the current PDF page so
      that you see the notes that match the text

  The search feature will let you search through either the PDF file OR your
      notes and when it brings up the page in the PDF document, any notes you
      have written will be displayed

PDF Equalizer Highlight Extract

Highlight, Extract and Annotate

☑ Built-in highlighting features are incredibly useful for both
      studying and research

  Multiple colors available for highlighting

  Extract highlighted notes by color

  Fill out forms with ease

  Draw on a document to add detail and add circles and
      shapes to draw attention

PDF Equalizer Summary

Want a powerful research got it

☑ Premier's breakthrough LMIS (Language Model Information Summary)
      technology is based on proven academic research taking into account
      the linguistic elements of content versus strictly formula based
      content structure. 

☑ LMIS analyzes and determines the concepts or themes of your document
      or article to provide you with an accurate summary.    

  Many ways to improve productivity and efficiency for research activities:
      summarize and read your PDF files, save your summary to read
      again later, use your summary as a basis to determine  use of content
      for research and writing assignments