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Premier's New Multi-Platform Plus (MP+) Tools


For reading, writing, studying and research using

Chromebooks, iPads, other tablets and Windows/Macs

With its web-based architecture, Premier's new Multi-Platform Plus (MP+) offering will include new functionality that will perform on Chromebooks, iPads, other tablets, PCs and Macs...enabling the flexibility for users to utilize learning technologies that are best suited for their own individual learning style in ANY environment.

Premier's MP+ provides the perfect structure for schools to introduce new platforms and/or devices without any interruption to current availability of student learning tools. With MP+ tools ("zero footprint" and no installation required), IT Departments will experience much easier management of resources for software deployment by using our web-based resources.

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Take a sneak peek at just a couple of the learning tools that will be included in the new MP suite.

MP+ Worksheet Tool Read Aloud 


 Work with ALL types and sizes of PDF files

 Read text aloud

 Take notes

 Use advanced edit features (like drawing, highlighting and annotations) for use directly within documents like tests, quizzes and homework assignments

Word Processor


☑ Write and organize documents easily and efficiently

☑ Read text aloud

☑ Includes key features such as word prediction, talking dictionary, thesaurus, spell check and summary

AND much more!!!

Introducing Premier Cloud Connect

For more than 15 years, Premier technologies have been increasing access for students to the information they require to be successful learners. Once again, Premier is expanding access to learning with a new feature called Cloud Connect. With Premier Cloud Connect, accessible tools meet accessible files. Content created using Premier tools can be seamlessly accessed and saved. Premier Cloud Connect is used with Google Drive™, OneDrive™, or Dropbox™. In an increasingly digital world, students require access to information to be able to pose questions, find answers, start conversations, share ideas and make a difference. Premier tools and technologies ensure students have access to the information they need and give them the tools they need to work with it.

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  • Premier Literacy's new Cloud Connect feature is now built into your favorite Premier learning technologies.
  • With Premier Cloud Connect, you can BOTH access content stored in your Cloud-based services AND easily create new content using Premier tools to save to the Cloud.
  • Connect your essential files to your Google Drive™, Dropbox™ or OneDrive™ so they can be easily shared with your students, faculty and staff.
  • Premier Cloud Connect is a seamless blend of powerful learning tools and collaboration of shared resources in the Cloud.

Premier Cloud Connect is now integrated in:

Presenting our Latest Mac Products


Continuous advancement and innovation across the landscape of learning is where Premier Literacy excels. Premier incorporates solutions that are practical, meaningful and affordable for both the Window and Mac environments. With the launch of its newest portable products--the Premier To Go Mac and the Premier To Go Hybrid--Premier is one step closer to making the idea of "Universal Design for Learning" a reality.

The Premier To Go Mac is the first truly mobile device available with full-featured tools for users of Mac products. The new portable device is unique in that the software runs completely from the USB drive, so the tools are truly portable. Products on the Premier To Go Mac are the very same Premier products that are installed on standalone PCs and institutional workstations. For the ultimate in flexibility, our new Premier To Go Hybrid works on BOTH PCs and Macs, so you can be assured to have access to your learning tools no matter which type of workstation you're using!


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Learn More - Literacy Productivity Pack - Mac Version

New Premier Launch PadPremier Launch Pad

Reaching for the Cloud Couldn't be Easier

Premier Launch Pad Logo

Premier's new Launch Pad integrates all of the best features of the Premier Literacy Suite into a single place to make our learning tools easier than ever to use--at school, home or work. Its innovative architecture allows it to work seamlessly, side-by-side with all of your PC applications.

With Premier Launch Pad, you get powerful tools that benefit all aspects of learning: expanded reading options, comprehensive writing features and optimized study skills.

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Worksheet Wizard Worksheet Wizard

Magic for Making Worksheets and Forms Accessible

Working with the Worksheet Wizard is easy and uncomplicated. It works with files in PDF format and includes a scanning feature that allows the user to scan documents directly into the application. It also includes tools that assist with the composition of text ensuring that written text is the best it can be.

Using the Wizard, users can hear worksheets read aloud, can edit them as necessary, draw within them, and highlight sections as needed. The Worksheet Wizard makes using a computer as easy as using a pencil, a highlighter or an eraser.

For more information on Worksheet Wizard, click one of the links below.

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Write Now Write Now

The Right Tool for Making Writing Better

Write Now is a new universal writing tool designed to help writers of all skill levels. It is optimized for, but not limited to, working with online or proprietary applications. Write Now is compatible with such word processors as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect as well as cloud applications like Google Docs and social networking sites. It is designed to work with any application that requires textual input. It helps the user compose small amounts of content prior to posting them to an application.

The many composition features built into Write Now will assist the user in ensuring that written content is correct. Write Now is valuable in preventing published writing mistakes.

For more information on Write Now, click one of the links below.

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Task-Oriented Toolbars

Task-Oriented Toolbar

Our research with students and educators using our technologies led us to develop more intuitive ways to select the “right Premier tool” for a learning activity. We've implemented task-oriented toolbars for reading, writing and studying across our product line. The direct result is learning tools that are easier to use than ever before.

Premier Literacy

Experience freedom and flexibility

Premier Literacy -- a division of Premier Assistive, is a leader in the field of learning technology, offering complete and affordable reading and writing solutions. With programs that recognize, validate and accommodate, Premier is providing valuable tools for life. Innovation, affordability and portability are the defining elements of Premier products that are revolutionizing the world of learning technology.