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Press Release April 17

Text Cloner Pro 6.0 – vastly improved OCR accuracy

Text Cloner Pro is a scanning package that bridges the gap between the physical and electronic world for individuals who use screen readers.

Premier Assistive Technology announces the release of Text Cloner Pro 6.0, now equipped with one of the most powerful and accurate OCR engines on the market. The advantage of Text Cloner Pro is that it works with any TWAIN compatible scanner and it will NOT conflict with any other “talking / reading” product.

Ken Grisham, President / CEO explains “Text Cloner Pro has always been the one of the most effective OCR software packages for use with screen reader technologies…. Straightforward, easy-to-use, affordable with very good accuracy. For years, we have consistently received accolades from visually impaired users on the quality of Text Cloner Pro”.

Steve Timmer, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, explains that “As we have always done at Premier Assistive, looking for continuous process quality improvement is at the forefront of our thinking. With our latest OCR technology, we’ve taken an excellent product and made it even better. Text Cloner Pro 6.0 is absolutely as good or better than ANY OCR technology in the marketplace today.”

New Features of Text Cloner Pro 6.0

Superb Accuracy. You will get incredible accuracy. But don’t take our word for it, download and try a demo copy from our website
Color Backgrounds. Often times, text is printed on different colored backgrounds. This is not a problem for Text Cloner Pro 6.0. You can now read text printed on virtually any color background including dark green and blue.
Table, Image and Paragraph retention. The new Text Cloner Pro 6.0 will recognize tables and reconstruct them in a screen reader accessible format. Users have the choice of three different output types: Text Only, Text and Images, and Text Tables and Images.
Copy Utility: Text Cloner Pro 6.0now has a built in copy utility. This is an easy-to-use copy utility that treats your scanner and printer as a copy machine.
Import Images: You can import images that have been previously scanned. Many people receive faxes as images via email. Use Text Cloner Pro 6.0 to import those faxes and automatically convert them to accessible text.
Daisy Format Support: Text Cloner Pro 6.0 can open up Daisy Formatted Text Documents. You can open up a Daisy Formatted document and convert it to one of 6 different file types. Convert a Daisy Format to a MS WORD document that you can edit.

For years there has been a myth that screen readers do not do a good job of reading documents. That is why other companies have developed very expensive reading packages that require screen reader users to turn off their screen reader software. With Text Cloner Pro 6.0, Premier Assistive has changed all of that. Screen readers do a perfectly fine job of reading, once the document is accurately captured in digital format in the computer.

If you have a screen reader, you do not need another talking product. You just need your software to be “screen reader friendly”….and that’s what we have further expanded with Text Cloner Pro 6.0 ….. it continues to be a very “screen reader friendly” scanning / OCR package that can accurately scan virtually ANY hardcopy text and convert it to a digital format for your computer. If you use a screen reader, why should you spend hundreds of dollars more for additional features in another product when you already have the capabilities with your screen reader??? Now, with Text Cloner Pro 6.0, you no longer need additional reading software beyond your screen reader.

Are you tired of being held hostage to an annual maintenance agreement that requires you to pay for upgrades whether you need them or not just so you can continue to use their product? Premier Assistive Technology does not ever require a maintenance agreement. Of course, if you want an upgrade, you pay for an upgrade, but not before you are ready.

Text Cloner Pro 6.0 is STILL much less expensive than other OCR products for the visually impaired because we cut out non-essential features of other technologies. It’s very simple….We don’t charge you for speech technology that you already have!!!

Text Cloner Pro is only $99.95; and upgrade from any previous version is only $29.95.

(Note if you need PDF support, we even have a PDF conversion extension for Text Cloner Pro that is second to none. Download and compare it to anything else on the market. The price is only $69.95.)