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The E-Text Reader is designed to be a reading tool. You can use it for opening up and reading existing documents in your computer or you can cut and paste from any program on your computer. You can even insert pictures into the text. It is an “easy to use” reader that gives you the ability to change voices, read at any speed, and even allows you to make notes into the document you are reading.

The E-Text Reader is designed to help those who have trouble reading or comprehending the printed word. There are thousands of literature titles now available in electronic format. This is great, but if you have trouble reading, electronic formats will be just as difficult to read as hardcopy. To solve this problem, we developed the E-Text Reader. This reader will read (using digital voices) the electronic version of books (“E-Books, or E-Text”) to you. The E-Text Reader can read any document in Standard Text, MS Word, RTF (“Rich Text Format”) and HTML formats. With Premier Cloud Connect, you can BOTH access content stored in your Cloud-based services AND easily create new content using Premier tools to save to the cloud.

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Highlight Text

Since the interface is actually a word processor, you can select and highlight text just like you would use a highlighter in a regular book. You can also insert any number of "bookmarks". You can save these bookmarks with the documents so the next time you open it, you can quickly go back to a point of interest or to where you left off. In addition to highlighting and bookmarks, you can “underline” and “bold” text so that they can be easily identified.

Easy to use

Everything in the E-Text Reader can be controlled with hot keys or Icons on the toolbar, making it easy for everyone to use. We have also built-in the electronic manual so that the E-Text Reader can actually read its own manual to you.