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Takes the work out of bookwork

The Talking Checkbook has a simple interface that makes managing any bank account easy. You can use it to manage a checking, savings or even a retirement account. Select an account and press CTRL + B and instantly you will hear the balance of that account. If you want detailed information about that account, you can go through the transactions one by one in descending order or you can create a report. The reports are created in a MS Word document that gives you full access to the information. You can also export the information to a file that can be opened up in spreadsheet programs such as Excel or Lotus, where you can create your own reports.

To make account management easier, we have even added both a "notes" field and a "search" feature. The note feature allows you to record additional information about a check or a deposit. The search feature helps you locate a check in your account register.

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Printing Checks Easily

Printing checks is a breeze. You fill out the information just like writing a check. You only have to enter the check information once. For example, every month you write a check to the phone company. Once you have entered the information for the phone company for the first time, after that you can simply select it from the list and not have to enter the information every time.

Who Is It Designed For?

The Talking Checkbook is designed to make account management and check writing truly accessible. It is designed not only for individuals who find it difficult to write in small areas and for those who find simple math difficult, but anyone who wants an easy way to write checks and balance accounts.. You will find using the Talking Checkbook quicker and much easier than manually writing checks.