Universal Reader Plus - Version 13.0

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Universal Reader Plus is a very easy-to-use utility that works with virtually any application. Use it to read your email, your WORD documents, even web pages.  It is as simple as selecting what you want to read, clicking on the floating toolbar and it starts to read.  It only takes about 10 minutes to install and learn how to use it. It has all of these great features along with the added benefits of Language Model Information Summarization (LMIS) technology, our new Flash reader and our multi-lingual translation technology.

Use Universal Reader Plus to read your email, your Microsoft Word documents....even web pages. It is as simple as selecting what you want it to read and clicking on the floating toolbar to start reading.

Multi-Lingual Translation Technology

Translate Dynamically!

Universal Reader Plus can translate text dynamically, so this is a great tool for anyone who has English as a Second Language (ESL) or someone who is trying to learn another language.


Flash Reader

Read Flash books online!

Many online books are now in a Flash format that displays an image of the text. These types of books can often be read using our new Flash reader. Our special technology lets you select the text within the image and converts it to accessible text.

Language Model Information Summarization (LMIS)

Increase your efficiency!

The LMIS feature is Premier's unique information summarization technology that lets you quickly summarize the information in a document, whether it's a range of pages or an entire document. This powerful tool is constructed using language model algorithms developed by Premier Literacy and can be dynamically adjusted to meet your needs.

Everyone can benefit from these tools regardless of their role or responsibilities. LMIS lets you quickly and efficiently digest large volumes of text-based content and identify the essential ideas of any publication.