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Magic for Making Worksheets and Forms Accessible

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The Worksheet Wizard is a learning tool optimized to work with worksheets and forms. It is ideal for adding annotations to existing PDF files or worksheets. The Wizard solves the problem of working with, and filling in, documents on a computer that are designed to be completed with a pencil.

Working with the Worksheet Wizard is easy and uncomplicated. It works with files in PDF format and includes a scanning feature that allows the user to scan documents directly into the application. It also includes tools that assist with the composition of text, ensuring that written text is the best it can be.

Using the Wizard, users can hear worksheets read aloud, edit them as necessary, draw within them, and highlight sections as needed. The Worksheet Wizard makes using a computer as easy as using a pencil, a highlighter or an eraser.

Worksheet Wizard includes Cloud Connect which simplifies collaboration and file sharing between students and teachers.

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