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The Right Tool for Making Writing Better

Write Now is a new universal writing tool designed to help writers of all skill levels.  It is optimized for, but not limited to, working with online or proprietary applications.  Write Now is compatible with such word processors as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect as well as cloud applications like Google Docs. It is designed to work with any application that requires textual input.  It helps the user compose small amounts of content prior to posting them to an application.  The many composition features built into Write Now will assist the user in ensuring that written content is correct.  Write Now is valuable in preventing published writing mistakes.


Such features as word prediction, word assist and confusable support help the user to compose text. A writing analyzer then provides detailed information on the grade level and readability of the text. It also determines if words are used repeatedly and suggests alternative words. 


Write Now is a writing tool that can be used anywhere. It is a multi-featured tool with a tab interface designed to make it easy to find and use the features by grouping them according to their primary purpose. 

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