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What happens if the programs get erased or deleted?

We have designed Key to Access to prevent the information from being deleted. However, if it ever does get corrupted, the Key to Access has a built in “Restore” feature. This feature will rebuild your Key to Access and get you back working in minutes.

Can students play music on it?

Yes. It is a standard MP3 player and can play any type of MP3 files.

Can students put documents on the Key?

The purpose of the Key to Access is to make information portable. The Key to Access has 3.5 GigaBytes of free storage space. This can be used for all forms of files from audio files to MS Word documents.

Can I get different voices for the Key?

The Key to Access is SAPI 5.1 compliant. This means any SAPI 5.1 compliant digital voice you install on the computer can be used by the Key. You cannot add more voices to the Key, but you can install them on your primary computer and whenever you use that computer, you will have access to them.

Where are the User Settings saved?

The User Settings are saved on the Key. No matter where the user goes -- home, work or school -- when they plug in the Key, their settings are the same.

Does it work with other devices like AlphaSmarts?

As a storage device, yes, it does work with the AlphaSmart Neo or Dana. The new AlphaSmarts are USB compliant. Users can write documents on an AlphaSmart, transfer them to a Key, and edit them or read them at later time. Basically, Key to Access will work with any device that allows reading/writing files through a USB port.

How does the Key to Access work with network security?

We have worked very hard to ensure the integrity of the network security setup by schools and organizations. We recognize that there are a wide variety of network configurations. We designed the Key to Access to allow it to work in all these different configurations. To enable the Key to Access on some networks, a user with “administrative rights” will need to log in to the computer. All they need to do is to launch the Key to Access once and then log off. From that point, anyone with a Key to Access can use that computer. This process only needs to be done once.

What happens if my Key to Access AAA battery dies?

Another wonderful feature about Key to Access is that it will still work on any PC, even without a battery. When it is plugged into a USB port, the Key uses power directly from the PC. Also, you don’t lose any of your software or settings when the battery dies. You only need a battery if you want to listen to audio files when you are NOT plugged into a PC. Since it uses standard AAA batteries, you can buy the batteries almost anywhere.

What happens if my Key to Access is lost or destroyed?

All you have to do is buy another MP3 unit from us. If you have the original CD, when you get the new MP3, just run the Reload program and you will be back in business in no time. NOTE: It is a violation of the licensing agreement to attempt to install the technology on any other MP3 or Flash Drive that has not been purchased from us.