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Reaching for the Cloud is easier than ever before--at school, at home or at work! With Premier Launch Pad, all of the best features of the Premier Literacy Suite are in a single toolbar that stays on your desktop, allowing you to quickly access BOTH Cloud-based content and desktop content with equal ease.

You get powerful tools that work seamlessly in concert, side-by-side with all of your PC applications and encompass all aspects of learning including expanded reading options, comprehensive writing features and optimized study skills.

Browser Independent Cloud

Premier Launch Pad is compatible with all popular browsers--Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.


Write, Refine and Post Text 

Find out how easy it is to write, refine and post text using the robust capabilities of Write Now for emails, online forms, social networking and mind mapping tools.


Expanded Reading Options Cloud

Now you can use the Launch Pad Reader and the Talking Pointer to read ANY type of content! Open a web site, a PDF file or a Microsoft Word document, and the Launch Pad Reader and Talking Pointer can read them aloud to you.


Online Testing Cloud

Administrators proctoring tests can selectively customize the Launch Pad when you need to limit access to certain tools for students during testing.


Expanded Reading Options

Read ANY Type of Content

  • Use your mouse to point and read anywhere with the Talking Pointer, select your text to focus reading aloud with the Launch Pad Reader or read inaccessible content with the Dynamic Reader.


  • Use the Summ IT feature to quickly summarize essential content from much larger text-based articles.


  • View or download your favorite digital books (e-books, Google Books, Bookshare, etc.) to learn more effectively.

Comprehensive Writing Features

Great for Posting Text to Any Cloud or Desktop Application

  • Improve composition using Write Now, Thesaurus and English Talking Dictionary.


  • Well-suited for emails, Facebook, Google Docs, online forms and job applications, and mind mapping tools.


Optimized Studying Skills

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

  • Take your learning materials with you on the go! Create audio files using Text to MP3 to listen to your content on your iPhone, iPad or any MP3 compatible device.


  • Capture online content and reference source information easily by saving as a PDF file using the Web Grabber.