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Talking Word Processor is an easy-to-use, fully-functional word processor with text-to-speech capability. It's compatible with all standard word processor files including the latest versions of Microsoft Word, standard text, and Rich Text Formats (WordPerfect). Included with the Talking Word Processor are such features as word prediction,  talking grammar check, Language Model Information Summarization (LMIS), a 250,000 word integrated dictionary, highlight and extract tools and much more.

If you are learning word processing, are a learner who can benefit from reading and writing tools, or someone who just wants to be more efficient, you will find the powerful features of the Talking Word Processor to be a tremendous aid to build your literacy and efficiency skills quickly.

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Writing Analytics

The writing analyzer processes the written content and provides specific information regarding the grade level and readability level. The analyzer also determines if any words have been used repeatedly as well as the humber of times the words may have been repeated. The analytic tool will highlight every occurrence of repeated words and the talking thesaurus included in Talking Word Processor can assist the user in selecting alternative words.


Writing Options

Now in Talking Word Processor you'll find additional supporting tools that help you proof and refine your written text. Writing options allow you to select the features you want to use--like underlining misspelled words in red, autocorrecting text, displaying suggested words for misspelled words as you type and displaying confusable words that were used in your document.

Language Model Information Summarization (LMIS)

The LMIS feature is Premier's unique information summarization technology that lets you quickly summarize the information in a document, whether it's a range of pages or an entire document.

Highlight and Extract

As a study aid, you can select and highlight text within your document to emphasize key points. Highlighted text can then be extracted into a separate document to be used as condensed study notes for quizzes or tests.

Talking Word Prediction

Prediction of words can significantly help those who struggle with writing and grammar whether it's due to general literacy challenges, physical or cognitive challenges or even English as a Second Language.

Navigate through the prediction list and hear each word being read to you. Simply select from the list the word you want inserted into your document. The prediction list can be tailored to your specific needs by adding frequently used terms, proper names or specialized terminology (e.g., legal, medical terms). You can also modify the number of characters required to trigger the appearance of the prediction list, specify the size of the list displayed, and specify up to four different vocabulary grade levels.

Integrated Dictionary

The 250,000 word integrated talking dictionary lets you look up and read the definition of a word in your document by simply double-clicking on it.