PDF Equalizer Video Library

Training Videos

PDF Equalizer is one of most robust products and so we have more videos than usual to show you how to use it's many features.

  • PDF Equalizer Introduction
    • Learn the basic interface of the PDF Equalizer. Includes zooming, page navigation, notes area, outline panel, and renumber pages.
  • PDF Equalizer Reading a PDF File
    • This video covers voice options, arrange and read, and the basic ways to read your file.
  • PDF Equalizer Highlight Tools
    • This video shows how to read selected text, highlighting areas as your pdf in different colors, highlight tagging, viewing highlights in the entire document, and editing existing highlights.
  • PDF Equalizer Highlight Tool Part 2
    • Learn how to extract highlights you've made to your document, and then save those highlights or even turn them into an MP3.
  • PDF Equalizer Editor Intro
    • Learn how to use the PDF Editor within PDF Equalizer, light overview on all the tools available which will be covered in parts 1 and 2. Also shows PDF view options, and navigating within the editor.
  • PDF Equalizer Editor Tools Part 1
    • Demonstrates the hand tool, annotations, note comments, and inserting images.
  • PDF Equalizer Editor Tools Part 2
    • Demonstrates the pencil tool, line comment, rectangle comments, ellipse comments, settings menu
  • PDF Equalizer MP3 Creation
    • Learn about the MP3 creation options and how to do it.
  • PDF Equalizer Scanning
    • Learn about the various scanning options available
  • PDF Equalizer Summarization & Translating
    • This video covers translating text in PDF Equalizer, and summarizing text along with related options for these two topics.
  • PDF Equalizer Notes
    • Shows how to take notes from your PDF file, edit them, manage them and navigate to them! This video also shows how to bookmark pages within your PDF file